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Hand Sprayer Pro atomize from oil to water

The Hand sprayer Pro from Sommerhoff atomized viscous oils as well as aqueous and even volatile fluids

HandsprayerThe hand sprayer Pro is an environmentally friendly sprayer. A special pump mechanic with a special jet hole makes it possible viscous oils can be perfectly atomized. Different nozzle attachments, which can be exchanged easily within 5 seconds with the hand, it is possible to atomize low viscosity liquids such as water or even volatile media perfectly. Through these skills, the hand sprayer Pro is a complete alternative for conventional aerosols.

The reservoir is optionally available with 250 ml or 500 ml volume. So the hand sprayer is big enough as to treat larger areas to have without refill the reservoir. At the same time it is still light enough to ensure fatigue-free working.

Conclusion: The hand sprayer Pro is an ecologically and economically optimized alternative to conventional sprays.

The right nozzle turns the nebulizer to the best tool for each medium.

Each medium behaves different in an atomizer. Therefore, the hand atomizer Pro is firstly equipped with an adjustment for stepless adjustment of the fineness. Above all, the range of editable fluids is so wide because the hand atomizer can be delivered with different nozzle attachments. So you can atomize with a single hand sprayer both viscous oils as well as very low-viscosity media such as thinner or degreaser. Generally speaking, the smaller the nozzle hole, the better can be atomized more liquid media. With large nozzle bores very thin liquid media may tend to droplet formation. More viscous media can be easily atomized with large holes. However, smaller nozzle holes ensure that the atomization is finer and thus the spray lever must be pressed a little harder.

  • Standard-Nozzle

    Standard-Nozzle (white)

    In the delivery the hand sprayer Pro is equipped with the "large" nozzle, which can also atomize more viscous oils. The nozzle bore of 0.6 mm provides perfect atomization of oils even in the cold condition. With this nozzle, the spray lever is particularly easy to operate.

  • Nozzle fine

    Fine Nozzle (red)

    With the finer 0.4mm nozzle, the hand sprayer can atomize even finer. The spray arm can then press a little more slowly, because the oil is atomized finer. This nozzle is perfect for something more liquid oils and aqueous media, but can also atomize viscous oils very fine.

  • Nozzle Extra Fine

    Extra Fine Nozzle (black)

    This nozzle can nebulize oils and other liquids extremely fine. The bore size is 0.3 mm and allows the finest atomization. With this nozzle the hand-sprayer is able to atomize very low-viscosity media such as degreaser.